All professional line editors are not created equal.  I had my first novel, The Last Champion of Earth, professionally edited.  The only criticism that the book received on Amazon was “needs an editor.” You can only imagine my frustration after having paid a so-called professional to help me avoid such comments.

Fortunately, while I was working on my second novel, I was introduced to Robin Smith. Robin handled the editing of the second novel, The Planet of Mortal Worship. The result was winning my publisher’s designation for Editor’s Choice and enjoying excellent online reviews for it’s technical and literary merit.

Robin meticulously cleans up your bad habits, line by line, even when you think you’ve gotten everything right.  She’s the perfect collaborative second set of eyes that helps distinguish your work from the ocean of unprofessional writers cluttering today’s marketplace.

Robin has now edited all three of my novels including the re-release of my first book, the aforementioned Last Champion. I now consider Robin to be a trusted and essential member of my creative team.  I shudder to think of working with anyone else!

Donald F. Templeman, author The Last Champion of Earth, The Planet of Mortal Worship, and Crilen and The War of False Prophets

Accomplished Writer Hired Robin Smith for Her Editorial Skill

The first rule in self-publishing is to have the manuscript scrubbed by a good editor. I was very fortunate to choose Robin Smith as my editor. Her superb edits were helped make my writing career possible. Robin’s edits are insightful and educational and guided me in improving my writing skills as well as my manuscripts.
My first novel, which Robin edited, was a Spur Award finalist and was a finalist for the New Mexico Arizona Book Awards. Her edits helped make my work good enough to be picked up by a small press and led to my future work being accepted by a major publisher. When you can choose your editor, choose well. I highly recommend Robin Smith.
W. Michael Farmer, winner of numerous awards for western literature with recent titles including Killer of Witches:  Blood of the Devil, The Last Warrior


Robin Smith Helps This Western Literature Writer

Working with Robin on These Animals Are Killing Me was a pleasure, not normally a word I would use concerning editing. We spent a lot of time going back and forth and discussing the project versus simply having suggested edits sent to me, with little to no room for adjustment. I appreciated the fact she was willing to talk over the phone and not just via email.
Robin is very personable, and I love her sense of humor. I wish I had known of her when trying to finalize my first book. Her expertise allowed me to publish a very polished and professional product—well received by the public. I highly recommend her services.
–Katrina Morgan, author of These Animals Are Killing Me and Echoes in the Walls

New Author Enjoyed Working with Robin Smith

I had always wanted to write a book based on my career in the hotel business. I had written ad copy, training programs, marketing plans and a good number of speeches, but the book always hung there. When my last company sold, I sat down and began writing Saving the Hotel St. George, A fictitious hotel where I could put real “hotel happenings” from all over the United States. I created the characters as composites of people I knew. I was surprised the book came so easily. It was like I was watching cuts of video and all I had to do was put them together in a story. The hard part was making the conversations seem real. When the book was done, I had to find an editor who would be honest based on actual publishing experience: was the book any good or should I stick to walking my dog?
I found Robin on the Internet. Her credentials and approach to editing were impressive. In the hotel business, you meet many who overstate their status and abilities. My first conversation with Robin was down to earth, honest, devoid of promises. Calling her was the right phone call to make.
Her comments suggestions and critiques were dead on. Someone, perhaps it was Robin, had told me, “Don’t fall in love with your words.” That turned out to be the absolute truth. It allowed me to accept Robin’s advice and the book turned out much better than I had hoped. It was eventually picked up by the American Hotel and Lodging Association’s Educational Institute as the first fiction book they had ever published and distributed worldwide. Robin made me look good because she made me think about the words, the flow, and the relationship of the events I had portrayed.”
–Greg Plank, author of Saving the St. George and Black Dog Redemption

First Time Book Author Valued Robin Smith’ Insight

My native language is Hungarian, and now and then I feel I’ve already forgotten how to speak Hungarian but I don’t know how to speak English yet. Robin helped me find my English voice. There are times I have the impression she can read my mind, and only a great editor is able to do that. I’m thankful for her help in completing my new novel.

–Laszlo Hadju, author of a number of titles, most recently High Tea in Aswan

No Language Barrier for Hungarian Writer

Robin Smith is professional in every sense of the word: precise, honest, and always insightful. While in the final stages of writing my novel, I wanted someone with a strong background and a fine reputation to edit my work. I chose Robin and couldn’t have been more pleased. Robin ‘got’ my story and the characters right away, and it was with that keen understanding that she edited my work beautifully. Besides being extremely talented, Robin is a terrific person whom I now consider a friend. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Beth Hoffman, author of the NY Times bestseller Saving CeeCee Honeycutt