Learn a Little About Robin Smith

Robin Smith, Book EditorI wanted to be a book editor from the time I was a little kid.I spent a lot of time reading and thinking about how books became books. So, when I got out of college, I moved to New York City to follow my dream of working in publishing.

I started out at New American Library—now a part of Putnam, Penguin—and spent about two years in production. Editorial jobs were hard to get because of all the competition for entry level jobs, so I figured I’d get a job in another department and then move into editorial—but it didn’t work out that way.

After a few months of getting to know people there, the managing editor and her staff of very experienced copy and content editors, knowing what my long- term goal was, taught me all about content and line editing. I think I was a group project, and they’d give me “assignments” to edit, starting off with a few simple pages and eventually full-length complex fiction and nonfiction manuscripts.

I worked hard and learned a lot, and once they thought I was ready, they helped me get freelance editing work at other houses, including Avon Books and Warner Books. I will always be very grateful to those women for enabling me to fulfill my dream.I moved on to Facts On File, which, at that time, had a nonfiction and reference book division as well as the weekly digests, and was the production manager and art director for the book publishing arm. I continued to do freelance editing on the side, and could get work from my teachers’ department as well.

I was there for about six years and then moved to the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC where I’ve been editing manuscripts for about twenty years. My authors are spread around the US, and I have a few in Europe and Japan.