Grammarly Correction for your New Book is EssentialOne of the great things about editing books is the variety of stories that are told. In fiction, I’ve edited westerns, horror, romance, suspense, chick lit--just about any genre you can come up—or maybe even a brand new one. And the same applies to nonfiction: detail-intensive analyses of politics or a cultural era, biographies of the famous and not so famous, and all kinds of personal memoirs, whether about a single life or a personal overview of a time and place.

As an example, I just recently completed the initial edit of a truly suspenseful novel with a juicy romance intertwined with it—a good combination, and an opportunity to heighten the impact of each plot with the color and detail from the other.

And now I’m working on a history (biography?) of Santa Claus, who’s been around, in one form or another, with one name or another, for a lot longer than most people imagine.

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