Writing a Book? Time to Consult an Independent Editor

My name is Robin Smith; my one-woman company is Robin Smith Ink. I offer my editing talent and skills gained from thirty-plus years of experience--including over two decades at three major mainstream NYC book publishers: Putnam Penguin, Facts on File, and Random House—to writers in all stages of manuscript development and creation:

  • The final edit of a finished manuscript before submission to agents, acquiring in-house editors, or to the publishing house with whom you already have a relationship when fine tuning is of essential importance.
  • I edit a variety of fiction, nonfiction, narrative nonfiction, reference books on a variety of topics, and memoirs.
  • I work with experienced, published writers as well as writers working on their first book as they discover the joys and frustrations of creating a book-length manuscript. I take on and advise on all aspects of the manuscript—from development through to the final version for submission.
  • For fiction, I add a professional pair of eyes to analyze how to improve the storytelling to make it as strong as possible:  evaluating the three-dimensional quality of the background for the events, assuring bullet-proof, well woven plotlines, and making sure you’ve developed three-dimensional characters who engage the readers’ emotions and imaginations. As I line edit, I make suggestions about interweaving plotlines seamlessly and filling out characters’ profiles, as well as sometimes suggesting they could be brought forward in the action and events, or if they need to be deleted, combined with another, or enhanced.
  • With nonfiction, I work to ensure that the topics covered under the subject matter of the book are thorough, clear, and concise. Different disciplines require a variety of focuses, and that will, of course, be taken into account.

Call me: 828-483-6266 —We can discuss your project. You can ask me any relevant questions about the depth and width of my experience, pricing, and, if you’re interested, I can do a sample edit of about 1200 words with full content and copy editing, and any notes about my response to your work.

What Author’s Are Saying About Robin Smith